About Us

A ground-breaking biannual publication homegrown in Cape Town, South Africa that celebrates the art of photography, champions emerging voices from Africa and shines a light on overlooked archives.

Oath presents to the world a curated view of the sweeping frontier of contemporary African photography. We recognize the need to interpret the vast scope of photographic output coming from Africa by providing a much-needed dedicated space for a diverse new generation of photographers. 

The platforms to engage with contemporary African photography are minimal both on home soil and abroad. Oath is changing this. By creating a publication to inspire and inform, we have in the processes built a vital platform that connects the photography community across Africa and opens a dialogue with global audiences.

We have taken an Oath to push the medium of photography from South Africa and beyond. Our mantra is: ‘A Photography Pledge’ and our mission is to grant emerging photographers across the continent visibility. We have facilitated a unique space for photographers to showcase their work and provide a visual diary of key talent from other areas of the world. Through our magazine we are generating important conversations about photography and its importance in Africa. Oath strengthens connections in the broader photography community and is a valuable source of information for anyone interested in photography and more specifically to those working in the field of African visual culture. Oath is a leading authority on contemporary African photography. Our content is well-researched, carefully selected, and beautifully presented in print format. We are independently published and are distributed internationally. 

“A photography pledge.”